22 Years - 50 States - 5 Countries - and now China

What makes Phillips+Fenwick the company of choice for so many hospitals? RESULTS.

Phillips+Fenwick is a California Corporation wth professional skills and experience in planning, developing and managing state-of-the-art, consumer-responsive maternity and women's programs in hospitals. The firm has served its clients since 1988, although the women's healthcare experience of our principals extends well beyond that time frame.

Planning and Development services reflect Phillips+Fenwick's longstanding committment to high-quality, cost-effective, contemporary maternity care and women's services, that are both provider-sensitive and consumer-responsive, reflecting a "family-centered" philosophy of care. Phillips+Fenwick's services are provided in an ethical businesslike manner - distinctive, efficient and professional - directly to hospitals and freestanding facilities nationwide, as well as to their architects and planners. Phillips+Fenwick's ability to develop and support cost-effective program designs with family-centered services is a key point of our differentiation.

As a firm, we believe in an integrated product/process development approach. That is, we recommend that program and facility designs should be accomplished together at the same time, with care programmers and facility planners part of the same team with the identical objectives.

Phillips+Fenwick will also assist clients to thread the family-centered philosophy and vision throughout the entire prenatal and women's organization. This can ensure greater "buy-in" with stakeholders, and help the hospital to differentiate itself in the community it serves.

Phillips+Fenwick consistently helps clients improve their bottom line, increase patient satisfaction, and sharpen their focus. As the internationally recognized experts in Family-Centered Maternity Care, Phillips+Fenwick has been helping hospitals deliver results for over two decades.

Return On Investment

Phillips+Fenwick helps hospitals to transform themselves using the principles of Family-Centered Maternity Care (FCMC), resulting in significant return on investment. Patients report greater satisfaction, costs are lower, and revenue is increased. Dr. Phillip's latest white paper is entitled The Business Case for Family-Centered Maternity Care. Click on the title to download the paper (in Adobe Acrobat format).